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Commitment Ceremonies

I can provide many other services beyond the traditional wedding ceremony.

Such services include commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies and the renewal of vows.

Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a way for a couple to show their dedication to one another without the legal limitations of marriage.

Often used when couples are not legally permitted to marry but may also be used by those who do not care to follow a standard marriage contract.

A commitment ceremony celebrates a couple's love and commitment without the requirements of marriage.

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Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

A child is one of life's most precious gifts, a gift of a new beginning to you and your closest family and friends.

It is a time in which we all rejoice, for it's another journey in our lives and another life that we can love, a love that nobody can take away from us.

A naming ceremony offers the opportunity to celebrate and welcome this new life at the beginning of its journey.

Renewal Of Vows

Renewal Of Vows

Renewing your vows and commitment to one another is a special way of reminding someone that you love them.

Some enjoy sharing that special moment with friends and family a second time without all the legal requirements that they had to go through the first time.

The way people choose to renew their commitment is up to them, as it is a second opportunity at that special moment.

What our Clients are saying...

Thank you Paul... You helped us create a perfect ceremony that felt exactly right for us.
Your thoughtful approach was very heart warming and we appreciate all that you did for us to help make our day just perfect.
We will recommend Paul as very calm, creative and friendly celebrant, incorporating our ideas on marriage as a celebration.
A very interesting man with a kind soul.

—Amy & Craig

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