Arrange first meeting

I would like to meet you! I find it very rewarding meeting people from all walks of life, getting to know them and in particular couples on their journey towards their marriage day. We can also complete all necessary documents together, which I will supply. 


Your wedding ceremony has to be witnessed by two people who are at least 18 years. It is required by the Australian Law that your witnesses are present at the ceremony witnessing and signing the certificates of your marriage.

Your Day of Wedding Ceremony

Every couple has their own way and ideas about their wedding ceremony. It is going to be a busy time for you and your family and friends, who will join you in your celebration.

If you wish, I can help you with some aspects of your ceremony. Give some guidance and friendly advice.

You may like to personalise your ceremony, which will include your values, believes and reflections on your journey as a couple. Together we will create a meaningful ceremony. You just call me and we will make time.

Just remember it is YOUR DAY, YOUR CELEBRATION and I am happy to help you to achieve the best and very unique celebration just for you.

Getting closer to the Day

During this period we need to be in touch, to communicate and listen to each other. Closer to the day which you have chosen, we will arrange our final meeting to check if everything is ready and as you want it to be.

Wedding Day

This is your day, which you will remember as the beginning of your journey as the married couple.I will be waiting for you at the venue which you have chosen as your Wedding Ceremony Place.   

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